Welbe Challenge (self-reliance training [lifestyle training] business)

welbe challenge

Together we make sure that you can "live" and "work" in a way that suits you

"Learn how to enjoy living each day as well as working in a way that suits you"
We provide ongoing support so that you can live independently in your community.

With the goal of providing support to people with mental, developmental and intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18 and 65, we provide support so that you can enjoy living each day in a way that suits you. During the two-year period, you will learn skills in three main areas: self-care, communication and life skills.

We assist rehabilitation while also respecting the goals and wishes of individuals.
Welbe Challenge is a place where you can effectively learn how to shape the future you want at your own pace.

Curriculum examples

  • Self-care (physical health)
    Learn how to manage your physical health through exercises such as stretching and yoga, good sleep and a balanced diet.
    (the importance of flexibility and a balanced diet, aromatherapy for self-care, meditation, discovering the joy of exercise, etc.)
  • Self-care (mental health)
    Learn how to manage your mental health through cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and coping practice. You also acquire knowledge and skills for the management of stress.
    (cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, coping skills for uncomfortable emotions, discovering the importance of nighttime routines, immunity improvement class, etc.)
  • Learning (communication)
    Learn the four key elements of communication through games and group activities.
    (find something positive in each person, greetings, informal conversations (study) and connecting with people (self introductions), etc.)
  • Practice (improve communication through practical training)
    First build a foundation for successful communication (greetings) to improve your communication skills. You also learn how to contribute to your local community through volunteer activities.
    (Informal conversations (practical training), volunteering, making things, etc.)
  • Life skills (enrich your everyday life)
    Learn how to enrich your everyday life, including housekeeping skills and how to use mobile phones and social media safely.
    (Taking time for yourself, understanding money (types of money and consumption tax), cleaning/housekeeping class, good manners for using mobile phones and social media, continuing support, transition support, etc.)
  • Career development (imagine and shape the future)
    Can you imagine the future you want? Finding out what interests you helps you shape the future you want. Learn how to find a purpose in your work and acquire the skills necessary for becoming a part of a community.
    (Living alone experience, work experience (introduction), improvement of essential skills, smart casual outfits, the world of trick art, etc.)


Welbe Challenge, self-reliance training [lifestyle training] office

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