Welbe (Employment Transition Support Business / Employment Retention Support Business)


We are professions who want "to make the best of disabilities and allow persons with disabilities to work as themselves."

"Disabilities are not to be hidden but to be made the best of"
Founded on that idea, Welbe continuously engage with all users with sincerity as employment support professionals.
We treasure the feeling of wanting "to make the best of disabilities and allow persons with disabilities to work as themselves" and offer our complete support.

Employment Transition Support Business

We provide training and support to persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses in the age range of 18 to 65 who seek regular employment. This is so that they can acquire skills and knowledge needed to work, with physical and mental stability as well as a lifestyle rhythm compatible with work, based on individualized support plans.
Additionally, we offer support in collaboration with local healthcare facilities, relevant organizations, family members, and companies, including counseling support to handle worries, workplace training, and support for workplace retention after being hired.

Employment Retention Support Business

We also provide necessary support and coordinate communications with companies, relevant organizations, family members, and others for those who face lifestyle-related challenges due to changes in their environment when they find employment by using a Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities, etc.

Four types of support from Welbe that lead to employment success

We provide total support from daily life habits to what happens after you are hired.

Support1Total lifestyle support
Creating a lifestyle rhythm and building the foundation needed for employment
Both those who have never been employed and those who have been unemployed for a long time can create a track record of stable attendance by using employment transition support.
Welbe assigns dedicated staff to each user and creates support plans suited to their circumstances. As the contents of the support are updated according to the situation, the goal is to develop positively by creating a lifestyle rhythm, building the foundation needed for employment, and discovering challenges and setting goals for employment.
Support2Skills acquisition support
We provide a curriculum so that you can work long term in a way that suits you
  • Training to improve foundational skills
    You will learn not only business manners and communication skills but also self-care, control, and strategies to understand yourself and work as well as keep working.
  • PC training
    WIT, a program to improve IT skills through e-learning
    This training is for both those who are confident about using computers and those who are not, providing a program that suits each person's skill level. You can learn business skills needed to find employment, ranging from typing to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    * Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • Office work simulations
    Imagining work at a real company, you are divided into groups such as sales, PR, planning, and general affairs department where you perform tasks as instructed by staff (playing the role of superiors). You learn by doing as you come to understand your respective work tasks and think about how to be efficient. With these office work simulations, you will get an idea of what "working" is like.
Support3Job-seeking activity support
One-on-one training to find the job you want
This training aims to improve your job seeking skills through revisions of application materials, including CV and resume, and interview training. Characterized by the one-on-one format, our staff, who are very knowledgeable about companies, teach you approaches to getting the job. Of course, there is also a lecture-format program done in groups, as the center as a whole support you so that you can get the job you want. We also offer support by accompanying you to company interviews, workplace training so that you can experience how it is to actually work, and job application support, including Hello Work recruitment ads.
Support4Support after you get the job
We regularly visit your workplace and help by giving advice and resolve concerns
This is support mainly after you find employment with the aim of helping you work long term with peace of mind. We regularly visit your workplace and do our best to resolve your "difficulties," such as issues with actual work tasks and things that are difficult to say to the company. As we work to support employment retention for persons with disabilities, Welbe has achieved a high half-year retention rate of 91.3%.*
*Percentage of those who remained employed for six months or longer among users who gained employment by using our bases between October 2021 and September 2022

Curriculum examples

  • PC training
    Improving IT skills with WIT (e-learning)
    Typing training, Word/Excel/PowerPoint, data input, writing business documents, etc.
  • Basic training (light work)
    Paperclips, calculator problems, sorting mail, assembly and disassembly, etc.
  • Group work / Group discussion
    Group work and discussion, SST (Social Skills Training), JST (Job related Skills Training), etc.
  • Business manners
    Basic etiquette such as phrases, personal appearance, greetings, and polite speech, giving and receiving business cards, answering the phone, meeting with customers, etc.
  • Office work simulations
    Imagining work at a real company, training in a roleplaying format to practice skills needed for business in a company


Employment Transition Support Business
Employment Retention Support Business
Specified consultation support

Number of bases (as of May 2024) *including those preliminarily open

Employment transition support offices: 112 bases
Employment retention support offices: 92 bases
Designated consultation support offices: 3 bases

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