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Welbe Corporate Philosophy

Dedicated to the pursuit of self-fulfillment and happiness for all employees and the creation of a society where everyone can have “big dreams”.

Message from the President

"That as many persons with disabilities as possible can find a place to grow and be active."

Myself, as I have accumulated various experiences as an office worker and in corporate management, I have truly come to feel that "people can grow and find purpose in life through work." To me, "working" has meant "living."
At the same time, I have also keenly felt that my "purpose in life" is not just for myself, but it means "doing something to make others happy."

I also strongly felt that I want those who haven't been able to work because of a disability to be able to feel the joy of working and find purpose in their lives.
Considering the ongoing declining birthrate and population ageing, I think that it's very important for Japan's future to have as many as possible find employment by acquiring the necessary skills and finding the place where they can do the most good.
Yet, when I actually started working with this, I was surprised by the difficult circumstances of persons with disabilities and how disinterested society is.
I can't deny that there is very little awareness about the Employment Transition Support Business as well.

Convinced that persons with disabilities also feel that "working" means "living," I founded Welbe, Inc. with the motto "Toward a society where all people have big dreams."
This company not only supports persons with disabilities to find employment but also provides detailed follow-up to increase the workplace retention rate.
Moreover, since it is thought that early habilitation for children with disabilities is effective for preventing secondary disabilities* and contributes to future employment and workplace retention, we also engage in Habilitation Business for children.
We offer a support system without gaps from childhood to adulthood. More than anything else, this is a result of our desire to see our users happy.
I intend to keep exploring what it is that only Welbe can do and what Welbe is uniquely capable of doing.

Myself and everyone in the Company will keep working hard to realize a society where all people can find work that suits them, grow, and find purpose in life.

*Secondary disability:Secondary emotional and behavioral issues, separate from original difficulties, that children come to have because the people around them fail to understand and handle their difficulties.

Message to the employees

Human resources are just that, a company's treasures in human form.
We are especially committed to improving staff training and working environment.
We offer a place where all employees can set clear goals for their future and career, acquire knowledge through their work, polish attentive sensitivity by empathizing with our users, and grow a lot as working members of society.
We also promise them a working environment that lets them secure ample time for themselves, recharge fully, and cultivate themselves.

By preparing a working environment where employees feel "pride" to be part of the Company, good human resources come together and we are able to offer even better service to our users. We will also boost awareness about the Employment Transition Support Business by establishing more centers across Japan, thus driving a virtuous circle that enhances job generation for persons with disabilities.
I think this is the ideal way in which the Company can contribute to society.

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